Welcome Cadets! By now you've had a chance to procure all the items you're going to need for this journey: your self love bible, a camera and, most importantly, yourself! 

The first assignment we're getting today is to start building our base. Foundations are the most important part of anything you do, without a strong base your top will topple! (teehee, see what I did there?)

So lets start our base, what is our foundation? Why do we want to love ourselves? What benefits will come from it? What has driven us to take this challenge? Your first assignment is to write yourself an affirmation letter detailing all the reasons why you want to learn to love yourself. 

My letter goes something like this,

Dear Amberly:

You fuckin' rock girlfriend! You are hilarious, kind and have so many facets to your personality. I applaud you for taking the time and effort to make a 30 day self love challenge and for bringing it to others! You are really committed to this radical love aren't you? That's good, fuel the fire! When things get hard and it's so easy just to slip back into old habits of blaming yourself, remember to put yourself first. Think about what would make you truly happy, what you need to cut out or add into your life to make that happen. Remember how sad you used to be, how miserable life was when you were depending on others to make you happy - and how life is now, now that you've learned not to wait on others, but to seize the moment and now that you're comfortable doing things alone. This is a great achievement! But you gotta stick with it! In the end, you only have yourself to answer to. And also remember, that a big part of loving yourself is sharing that love with others. <3 

It isn't selfish to always put yourself first. Your happiness, comfort and joy are all things that you deserve the most of, and you can make it for yourself! 

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good one post dude

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Good post dude


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