Spread Love - Eclectic Mistress
One of the best ways to get in touch with your loving side is to share it. Part of learning to love yourself is to learn to love others as well. Your next assignment is to express the love you have for those close to you. You can do this so many ways....bake cookies for your grandmother, write something sweet on your best friends facebook wall, send an eCard to your dad at work, take your mom out to shop for fresh flowers, drive your little brother to the skate park...even show your pets some love by taking your dog to the dog park or giving your cat some fresh tuna! The possibilities are endless and it's a tribute to your creativity on how you go about sharing love :)

Bonus Challenge: Share love with strangers. Your goal is to smile at, or give a genuine compliment to a stranger...or two!

Now go, love fearies, and dote on those you love! 
7/14/2012 06:38:07 pm

THX for info


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