We have always been told to stop daydreaming. Why? Because it distracts us, and gives us hope and dreams. I think that's BS, there needs to be more daydreaming in the world. 

I love daydreaming. Not only does it inspire us, but seeing yourself being somewhere, doing something, it will manifest itself. The law of attraction is simple - negative or positive thoughts attract negative and positive actions respectively. Most of us are guilty of this without knowing it. If you say "I need more money, I'm so poor", then you will end up NEEDING money. If you start getting into the train of though of "I have money." (Even if it's only $5, you have money). When you see an old lady on the street with a can, your first instinct might be to give her the heavy change in your pocket, but then your brain steps in and says "Wait, those are probably quarters, I need those for myself," and you don't give it to her. Stop letting your brain interject it's self in, just follow your heart. Love. Say, I have $5 in the bank account, I have money, I don't need these three quarters. Easy go, easy come now isn't it? 

If you see yourself as happy, standing on the cliffs in Norway, focus and dream it, and someday it will come true :)

Here are two books that I recommend you read, they are both mind-blowing and not at all what you expect! 

The secret by Rhonda Byrne

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch  
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