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I tried acorn squash tonight - thank you Chelsea! - and it was something completely different! It was similar in texture to a sweet potato. I added butter, and the scoring let it soak in....mmm it was tasty. I could only eat half, it fills you up! 

Try an acorn squash, it's worth it. Easy way to get veggie servings and a medium squash only has 172 calories! O.O 

Acorn Squash:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 

Cut the squash head to bottom, when you get it, the inside will look like a pumpkin. Using a spoon, make sure to scoop out all the seeds and strings. Take a knife and score the squash, making cuts vertical and horizontal. Place squash in a pan, and add about 1/4 inch of water to prevent the squash's skin from burning and drying out. Here is where you can get creative - try adding butter, cinnamon, sugar, brown sugar, whatever you like. Place in the over for about an hour to hour and 15 minutes. Better to over cook than undercook. Remove and allow to cool (these babies get HOT!)....enjoy with a big glass of milk or water!

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Hilary D
3/6/2011 02:20:47

YuM i want to try!
what about butternut squash?

9/3/2012 15:02:24

THX for info

9/28/2012 09:35:45

THX for info


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