We're always told that we need to be honest. We aren't just told that to combat the fact that telling a lie is considered 'bad' - we're also told that for our own good. Being honest is really always the best policy. 

There is a scene in Star Trek the Next Generation, where Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard are having breakfast together - this is a very long running custom for them as friends. Dr. Crusher has an excellent meal planned for the next breakfast - a Romulan dish! Crusher and Picard get captured while they're on an away mission and they have implants put in that make them feel each others thoughts. Eventually it comes out that Picard hates that Crusher makes all these fancy dishes for breakfast, but she thought he would want something fancy, and he thought she liked fancy things. Turns out - all either of them wanted was coffee and croissant. 

Be open :) 

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