We all have them - people we look up to, people we count on to rescue us when we need them. Champions, we all have one and each of us are someone else's Champion. Think about a time when you were a Champion. Think about how it felt and don't forget to smile as you remember. 

For myself, I remember the night I was a champion as clearly as if it were just recently. I was young, 15 I think, and I was going to be in my first horse-back riding show. I was showing Fidget, a crazy tennesse-walker gelding. Since this was my first show I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out being the best night of my life thus far. Fidget was, well, fidgety - we'll say "full of energy" - and my heart was going just about as fast as his. We rode around the show grounds, passing people and trotting down walkways. I ride behind the bleachers and spotted my family and my boyfriend (at the time's) family. I hollered up and we waved at each other and I felt like such a cowgirl and I was so proud. I rode around a bit more, strutting my stuff. Eventually it was my turn to go in the ring, and once i entered I heard my name being cheered by my team mates on the sidelines - they were cheering my name, it was so exciting! The judge called out his commands then the round ended. We lined up, I turned to the girl next to me and said, "Good luck" and the judge called out the winners. I wasn't among them, but I still felt like a champion!    

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