Valentines Day. Ahhh yes. For some, it brings such mushiness romance that they almost drown in it, for others it's a painful day where they stay indoors and eat ice cream (I certainly have never done this...), and for the rest it's just another day. How will you celebrate Valentines Day? 

Fuckin' celebrating yourself ALL DAMN DAY - THAT'S HOW! As we all know, Valentines Day is a scheming hallmark holiday anyway, but that doesn't mean we can't seize the opportunity to celebrate! Today, of all days you are entitled to LOVE FEARLESSLY! Love yourself, love those around you, love strangers! Even if you have a significant other, don't forget that you need to love yourself today as much as everyone else - if not more. Indulge, eat tons of guiltless chocolate, and plan a date for yourself, card and all. Write a mantra in your card and put in on your bulletin, so every time you see it you can remember that day you doted on yourself and hopefully it will be a reminder to do so more often! So, be fearless - grab your girlfriends and boyfriends and make sure to let everyone know how much you love them - because giving love is being love :)

Love to all <3


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