Ah, you think you know what I'm talking about! Ha, we can cover that later, eh? 

We all have that thing we’ve been saving. We’ve been saving it for a special occasion or the perfect circumstance, but in the mean time…it’s been sitting there getting dusty! I see you right now picturing it in your head – that special dress in the back of the closet, the fancy china, for me it is a bottle of perfume that is now discontinued. Red Currant and Thyme by Bath and Body Works – it’s my favorite scent in the world and it’s no longer made, so naturally I save every precious drop right? But really, what joy is that giving me? Looking at a bottle of perfume that I’ve had for years that I never use! How am I enjoying that?! So, I took it to Chicago with me and wore it everyday – it was great and I felt great wearing it!

So. Use that thing you’ve been saving for a special occasion and if you can’t bring yourself to – make a special occasion! Set up a date with yourself and enjoy some special time. Take plenty of pictures and scrapbook everything in your self-love bible!

9/2/2012 15:40:32

Great info, thanks


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