One part of loving yourself is taking time for yourself. Taking yourself on dates, taking the extra few minutes to add that little something extra to your look that makes you confident, or even just taking the time to give yourself one of those $1 face masks from Krogers - anyway you slice it ... time for self = self love. Well, I've decided to go balls out and visit my best love, Mia in CHICAGO! So, in march I will be heading out to Chicago and staying for several days, I am so stoked! 

The reason I bring this up is because I want to tell you about the powerful experience of traveling alone. Frankly, it is the most empowering thing you can do, having to take the risk of traveling somewhere unknown and alone, but when you finally get to that hotel you weren't sure existed and you get checked in, sit down on your bed, and you realize that you made alive, unraped, and in one piece, what a BAMF you are!! You're ready to take on the whole damn city! If you have never travelled alone, do it as soon as you can. Even if it's only driving to the other side of your state to visit something, you must try it. Even better, hope a bus to that big city you've always wanted to visit, hit up someone on couchsurfer and feel the power flow through you!

Travel sites I recommend: - MEGA cheap bus fare, however they have limited routes. But for me to go from Columbus to Chicago round trip is usually $30, but the first 3 seats on the bus sell for $.50, so hurry and plan ahead! - A network of people all over the globe who are offering up their couches for you to sleep on - FOR FREE in exchange for tales about the great land you come from. I've found that the people on here really are genuine and excited to share culture. When I visited TN I stayed with a Vet and Nurse who were awesome! Everyone is so nice and excited to meet you. Even the Shark Whisperer in NY (No shit, check it out). - Good comparison site for flights, they also offer flexible dates so that you can search a few days around your trip to find the best price. 

Good luck, go forth and explore! 
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