Many of us, without knowing it, cheat ourselves. We cheat ourselves out of time, having fun, and happiness - because we are cheating ourselves this is something that can be reversed (though it may not be easy, it will be totally worth it!) I too am guilty of this - and often! We, as a people need to free ourselves, so let's do it together! 

First, think about all the times you've been so excited to go somewhere. You're headed to a party, a night out with a friend, or a dance. You get ready, you're set and GO - you get there, all still totally stoked, and then you see the girl across the room that is wearing a really, really beautiful dress. You bought yours at a second-hand shop because you're brilliantly thrifty! You feel self- conscious and there goes your night - NO MORE! First, why should you worry about other people and what they think? Secondly, they are probably feeling the same way you are. Just relax, because this opportunity is once, so carpe diem!! (Seize the day!) and don't feel held back. 

You hate the way your hair looks. You have curly and you want straight, so everyday before school or work you spend 1 hour straightening your hair, fair? That's 365 hours, 15 days, OVER TWO WEEKS a year that you spend...learn to feel comfortable with yourself and spend those two weeks traveling or doing something you find enjoyable. 

You think about your Ex, 'what if I had done this? or if we had tried that?' or in general worrying and beating yourself up over it - keep in mind love that none of this is negatively affecting him, only you - you waste so much time trying to change the past, the only thing you can control is the future. 

Try not to listen to your inner retard, and stop letting it cheat you out of only live once, make the most of every moment! 

Please make sure to check out Monstrous Discrepancies, it is so well done and such an eye opener! 


Captions: 1) How closely you feel others are scrutinizing you - how closely they are actually scrutinizing you. 2) How self-assured you assume others are - how self-assured they actually are 3) How sexuality is portrayed - how sexuality is 4) How institutions appear - how institutions are 5) How alone you are - how alone you aren't 6) How fortunate you might feel - how fortunate you might be 7) The perceived significance of one - the potential significance of one 8) How it all can seem... but is it just a dream?
Hilary D

I freakin LoVe this!
it happens to all of us whether we wanna admit it or not! I feel like I do it more than the average person. It took me forever to be "okay" with my curly hair. But now it is short and takes me 15 mins to straighten, but I do both. And wasting time thinking about an 'ex'..ohhh lord. I still do it [eeek don't tell Ryan]. There are just those occasional moments that come to mind and I'm like "what was i thinking when i did this?" or "he didn't even care about me" etc etc. It's those kinds of things that can mess a girl up. BuT you're right we waste wayy too much time doing these things! COmpletely agree! Love this post!


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