Yes, here it had to happen sometime you know, I have to bring up exercise! 

Now, I'm not going to say that you need to go right now and join and gym and go three or four times a week forever, God no! Personally I hate working out - I don't like all sweating, jiggling and stares that come with it. You don't even have to work out - but you do need to get moving. We all do! 

As previously mentioned, I am not a 'workout' fan. I walk and go clubbing and dance like a fool! There are lots of ways to get moving that aren't conventional. Take the stairs, go swimming, go clubbing, talk a walk, wrestle with the dog, get it on, put the remote next to the TV so you have to get UP to change the Vol. or Channel, park very far away, thoroughly clean the house, squeeze your butt while you brush your teeth - there are plenty of ways to reap those 'moving benefits'! 

Go out into the world and MOVE! 


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