Everyone has something that they know they 'should be doing'. Brushing your teeth everyday, showering everyday, working out, that assignment you've been putting off - yeah I've been there. My latest one was going to the Dentist. God, how I loath going to the dentist. 

So, finally, after three years I broke down and went yesterday and boy am I glad I did! The cleaning was horrible, as always and since I hadn't been in so long it was seriously intense. The poor hygienist was sweating! Finally after what seemed like hours of intense buzzing and slight feeling of being water boarded she told me I was done for the day but I would have to return for a second cleaning. So, now, because I waited for so long I have to go back a second time! If I had just taken care of myself and gone regularly like I should ...this could be avoided.
Think about what it is that's nagging you, the thing you keep putting off. I want to ask you - what is stopping you? Why haven't you finally done it? What is holding you back? I would like to challenge you to write down in your self love bible all the things you feel guilty about not doing and then write down why you haven't done them, and be honest with yourself. For the longest time I said I couldn't floss my teeth because I was 'too busy' when in reality it was more like I was 'too busy watching star trek'! I eventually got the best of both worlds - flossing while watching star trek! Today I challenge you to take a baby step towards finishing that thing you've been putting off. Just go Nike on it and DO IT! You'll feel so much lighter when you finally do! Remember, an important lesson in learning to love yourself is taking care of yourself - physically, emotionally and mentally. You deserve it! 

7/13/2012 12:23:37 pm

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