It's been a while since my last post - I've been traveling for spring break! I travelled to Chicago to see my best friend and to spend some time away from everything and just relax and enjoy myself - I had such a wonderful time and I am completely revamped now! 

I spent so much time exploring the city; I went to Millennium Park and saw The Bean! I try to see it every time I visit. I spent some time along the lake and a whole day visiting Lincoln Zoo (which is free, by the way). I tried several delicious cuisines, including some Arabian food and probably the most perfect sushi roll I’ve ever had. I toured Columbia College and rode the Ferris wheel – I could just go on and on about how amazing it was. I spent most of the time by myself – and let me tell you that exploring a new area while you’re on your own is the most empowering experience anyone can have. So, I challenge you to explore something new – get outside your comfort zone. Take a trip somewhere new (that doesn’t mean it has to be far away!), join a new club or hang with a new group of people. Get out, experience and grow! When you are finished, make sure to keep a souvenir or two and use a few pages of your Self Love Bible as a scrapbook so that you can remember how much fun you had and hopefully will feel encouraged to do it again.


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