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Welcome one and all!!

Today is August 1st! This is ushering in a new month, and hopefully, a month filled with plenty of self love! I present to you,  30 Days of Self Love!

I want to invite and challenge each of you to spend the next 30 days following this blog and doing each of the activities listed, we all know that saying "it takes 30 days to form a habit" and loving yourself is an excellent habit to have! 

What you will need:
  • A self love bible. If you'd like to see an example of my self love bible please click here. I would recommend buying a bible with a hardcover, removable pages, pages that are thick and will be able to stand up to having pictures glued on. Now, your bible doesn't have to be anything even remotely like mine! If you're super techy and would like to keep an all virtual bible you can do that, or if you want it to be big and oversized do that as well! Since this whole project is a reflection of you, get whatever you want. 
  • A camera. Photographs are the best way of remembering things, we all say oh how could I forget this, but over time things fade. Most of these projects suggest you take pictures to put into your bible, and plus, I'd love for you to upload and share them with me! 
  • Good friends! Good friends always make things better, challenge a few of your friends to do this with you so you can compare activities and work on things together! What fun it could be! :) If you don't have anyone to challenge, remember, myself and the other readers are doing this as well - we're not alone.

I am excited that you are here to journey with me, spend the day collecting your items and tomorrow we shall get started!!
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