Say it out loud, "I am not my body, I am not my body". Correct!

Your body is a vehicle for your true self. Think about it this way - everyone has a car, and people have different types of cars. You take care of your car; you change the oil, put gas in it, you keep it clean and when it's broken you fix it. Your body is your car, it transports you - it allows you to live in this world. Just because someone drives a minivan doesn't mean they are a mom or dad, right? The same with your body, your body is not a definition of who you are, it is a conduit to the world. Every soul is here for their own journey, therefore we all have different types of vehicles - there isn't just one model car out there. 


Hilary D
02/21/2011 09:01

I love reading your posts! They give me hope!
And I really love your analogy in this one!
Keep your posts coming :)

05/31/2012 16:30

Nice post bro


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